Thursday, September 20, 2012

Problem Statements for A ED 502

Problem Statement

The purpose of this study is to intertwine art and science in a rural art classroom's curriculum.  I am interested in finding ways to help students better understand art through science and science through art.  Many students and school districts in rural areas do not have the necessary funds for or access to art and science museums, which embody the experience of science with many art related installations.  The interactive experiences students take away from the exhibit are important.  For example, at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, "The Amazing Machine" exhibit allows visitors to flow through a machine-like room highlighted by three stunning kinetic mechanical art installations by sculptor and architect Ben Trautman.  This type of interactive interdisciplinary exhibit can benefit both art and science by strengthening students' knowledge and creating a stronger classroom curriculum of these disciplines.  My goal is to facilitate these types of exhibits to rural students and analyze the impact of experiential science and art exhibitions on greater understanding, more positive attitudes, and interest to study further.  Pre and post questionnaires and interviews given to my focus group will help determine if attitudes, motivations, and perceptions of art and science change.

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